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I have never liked non-spicy otahs because up till now because they all tasted like ordinary fish cake to me. But THIS one is very very different. It’s spicy and savoury without the heat and the texture is soft and smooth. It has that quality about it that you just have to down five pieces before you can start thinking about stopping. I have never tasted non-spicy otah this good before! Hey I think I almost prefer it over the normal spicy one! Really must try lah! 4.5/5

Dr Leslie Tay, Ieatishootipost


My all time favourite was their Mackerel Otah and Nasi Lemak, not too strong coconut fragrance and the nice smooth texture of the rice.

Ms Xie Shiyu, 19 yr old undergrad


Still One Of The Best.

Ear Wax, Burpple


Gorgeously green parcels of Muar-styled Mackarel Otak-Otak (wrapped in banana leaves grilling brilliantly and wafting the aromas of a thousand spices into the night air.

Jonathan Ooi, Burpple


The otahs made from here are quite different from the others. It is the broader version and is also much expensive compare to those normal size otah. The secret in these otah is the owner actually used lots of mackerel fish (which is consider the premium version fish) in making their otah which taste more soft and sweet. These otah are also not charcoal cooked till with the ‘very burnt’ flavour as they wanted their customers to have that actual taste of their otah without the ‘very burnt’ flavour blocking to it. I like it with bread and also with nasi lemak. These are just so delicious!

Happy Girl, OpenRice


Wrapped in banana leaf, the fish paste was delectably springy in texture, and it packed a considerable amount of heat with hints of coconut milk and spices, complete with an aroma from the leaf. There’s also a good portion of fish chunks in this moreish morsel. One stick was definitely not enough though we didn’t have stomach space for more.

A, hungrygowhere


Otak in banana leaf is deliciously yummy! For tourist info, otak is a South East Asian delight, popular in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, and consist of fish paste with spices wrapped & grilled in fragrant banana leaves. Sedap!

Samuel A, Los Angeles


Halal. Famous in Singapore for their mouth-watering fish and prawn otah, bundled in banana leaf and grilled.


Taste is definitely different from normal white otah. I usually dont like white otah coz its like fish cake, and dry. But Nam San’s is different. It is soft and smooth, like the chilli otah but without the spice. 2 thumbs up! Even my kids loved it. Wont be buying white otah from anywhere else!

aichiak, makansutra


南山 Mackerel Otah 專門店在新加坡非常有名,專售娘惹小吃 Otah 。Otah 是將魚肉用椰漿醃後,再塗上咖哩醬,並以香蕉葉包住烤成。南山 Mackerel Otah 並不只賣魚肉 Otah ,還有鮮蝦、馬鮫魚及魷魚可供選擇,辣味口感各有不同,加上用料新鮮,難怪當地人也認為它是全新加坡最好味的 Otah ,絕對值得一試。